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3 Fall Trends You DON'T Want to Miss!

Fall officially starts TOMORROW. Like, hello, it fiiinally being universally acceptable that we are drinking pumpkin things, lighting those apple cider candles, and swapping our t-shirts for flannels. Some of us (I sure won’t point fingers) have been doing this since earlier this month but, that’s beside the point. 

Fall is a season of harvest, renewal + thinking about what this year has held. When I think of fall, I think of gathering, warmth (via blankets + fire) and so many sweet memories being built. 

So, I've been immersed in all that fall will hold + spotted a few trends that I was like ... uh you need to know this. So, here we are!

  1. Neutral + warm toned hues. 

The traditional fall colors like burgundy, burnt orange, mustard yellow or forest green might not be your jam. Whether you’re planning your wedding or just excited for the new season, neutrals + warm toned colors are where it’s at. That means the tans, creams, and everything between. This little array of Tono + Co. ribbons is the perfect way to describe it!

If you’re looking for a wee bit more color, consider a little pop of warm tones! We’re talking colors like muted oranges, reds and colors with underlying warm tones.  They’re still muted + very much so the look as of late, but allow for you to feel a bit more colorful. 

When we’re talking wedding, I am HERE for a pop of color allll day long. But, that isn’t always the overall look you’re going for. With muted + neutral tones all around, it still gives your wedding and design a sophisticated, warm and inviting feel without being black + white. 

Areas that you can bring that to life: 

  • Table runners

  • Signs on acrylic with painted color on the back 

  • Rugs for ceremony or lounge areas 

  • Bridesmaid Dresses 

  • Candle sticks 

2. Large billow-y sleeves + dresses. 

If you’re attending a wedding, listen up! We’re not going all the way back to the 80’s - not sure we’ll ever get all the way back there! But, we are looking at larger + a bit more baggy sleeves + overall structure. Now now, don’t hear me wrong on this - I am not suggesting that these looks are the equivalent of a trendy trash bag. No, no. We’re talking a bit more structured in the design of the clothes but, definitely with some excess fabric. 

I honestly kind of love these. I mean, I see if already - with some cute little slim cut jeans, textured shoes with gold jewelry as an accent. Yup, yup, yes. 

LEFT TO RIGHT - Via Pinterest, shop unknown. 2. Reformation - HERE 3. Madewell - HERE. 4. Everlane - HERE

3. Texture + patterns 

Now, if we’re talking everyday life for a second, there are so many ways to incorporate fun texture and pattern into your day to day life without feeling like you have to be the next fashion icon. A simple pop of pattern can be your shoe - like some checkered vans, or faux snakeskin slides. If you have those on lock, you can keep your entire outfit outside of shoes pretty simple. Pair them with your favorite jeans + graphic tee and you’re golden! 

Some other patterns that are catching my eye these days are thin stripes, muted plaid, and simple + tiny polka dots. In an effort to be more sustainable + not shop fast fashion, I really love to find one or two patterned pieces that I can wear + rewear throughout the season!

As for texture, I follow the same general rules + guidelines for that, too! Pick one or two patterns that you are excited about in a fun color + rewear it all season while swapping out the other accent or staple items. 

LEFT TO RIGHT - Madewell HERE 2. Madewell - HERE 3. Via Pinterest, source unknown. 4. Everlane - HERE

Some easy ways to incorporate those into your wedding - 

  • Napkins 

  • Elevated seating chart or Escort Card Installation 

  • Fabric draped over the arch 

  • Table Runner

  • Plates (Seems funky BUT, you can get some simply textured plates) 

There’s that + so much more happening this fall! Can’t wait to see you all bring it to life. Talk soon. 

In all things, with grit + grace,


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