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3 Options for Weddings During COVID

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

So … it is now September and COVID-19  is still happening. (Can we get a collective UGGGH ?!)

Needless to say, this is not an ideal time for anybody, but especially not for engaged couples! We are the first to admit that this time is no fun in the wedding world, but we have learned a few ways to make your wedding possible, with as much magic + bliss + joy as we can muster up.

  1. City Hall + One Year Anniversary Wedding

The first route we have seen many couples take is to have a small wedding ceremony in city hall, and postpone their big wedding a year! This is a wonderful option for couples that have all of their vendors available for the same date in a year, or a time around your one year anniversary. 

And the term “one year anniversary wedding” can mean different things to different couples. That is totally 100% alright! It is all about you and your significant other getting married, and that can look different in this wild time of COVID-19. So, if you choose to get married in city hall now, here are a few things you can do for your wedding in a year:

  • Have your original wedding, exactly how you had it planned, but just a year or so later! Easy!

  • Throw a big party at either your original venue or maybe somewhere new (restaurant, park, backyard) and invite all of your people. Have food, music, and lots of fun as you celebrate your amazing year of marriage! Go you!

  • Change the plans completely and create a new wedding. Maybe things got too complicated matching up all your vendors’ availability or your venue shut down. You can throw a new wedding at a new venue with some of the same vendors or vice versa. Even if you are squeezing it all into your uncle’s backyard, it will still be oh so special and amazing.

2. Small Outdoor Wedding

A small outdoor wedding can be a great option for couples who are willing to switch their big day up a little bit and move it to either a backyard or an open, outdoor space! Having a backyard or park or beach wedding can make the day that much more intimate and special. If you do choose this route, you most likely will have to cut down the guest count and make some adjustments with vendors. This can seem like a downside, but cutting your guest count a little bit can save you money, which is always a nice thing! 

When you have to move wedding details around, don’t be nervous to tap into your creative side! You might have to borrow your grandma’s vintage ice buckets for drinks or create your own floral arrangements from Trader Joe’s and old bottles. The point is to not stress even if your plans are thrown out the window. Remember the goal, to get married with loved ones near in a safe environment!

3. Elopement With a Wedding TBD

This option is for the couple that might be a little overwhelmed with rearranging the most important day of their life so last minute. Elopements are special, intimate, and affordable! It is a perfect option if you and your partner just want to be married, and worry about the wedding details later.

An elopement can truly be anything you want. You can get married on a cliff overlooking the ocean, city hall, or even your favorite park. It is all about you and your significant other and that’s about it! The whole strategy is to get married now, plan a wedding after. Done!

Regardless of what you and your significant other choose to do during this confusing time, don’t forget the importance of enjoying your engagement and early marriage season! Yes, it is a lot of work to plan a wedding in a pandemic, we are with you on that for sure!!

But do you want to hear a secret?

We have enjoyed this time with our couples in ways we’ve never experienced! We have gotten even more creative together with moving locations, dates, and trying new things. Everyone is in this together, photographers, brides, florists, bakeries, grooms, and wedding planners. We are all working our hardest to tweak our busy schedules and create your blissful + magical wedding!

In all things, with grit and grace,


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