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3 Simple + Budget Friendly Ways to SPICE up your Dessert Bar

We all know that the cake is a HUGE part of weddings! The cake is a display, a photo op, and even dressed in gorgeous florals. So we understand the importance of a cake and all the activities that come with it, but how can we spice that up? How can we take this to the next level? However delicious your wedding cake tastes, it may be time for an upgrade.

Here are 3 simple, budget friendly tips to help your dessert station thrive on wedding day!

Photo: Brocoff Photography

  1. Add more treats!

Guests seem to be gravitating less towards the wedding cake, and more towards the little grab + go treats! Things that may be more grab and go, and easy to bite before jumping on the dance floor are the move. (Collective AMEN.) Adding simple treats like chocolate chip cookies, mini cupcakes, churros, donuts, and more can drastically improve your dessert bar. 

The best part of updating your dessert station is that it doesn’t need to be super expensive! You can swing by a local bakery and choose two types of donuts and one type of cupcake. Or maybe you choose an assortment of cookies from your caterer or even have your aunt/friend/neighbor/dad make those delicious mini rice krispy treats they make so well. With more options surrounding the dessert table, there is sure to be more smiles and less leftover cake!

Photo: Brocoff Photography

2. Don’t be afraid to throw some decor in there!

Adding a little bit of decor goes a long way on the dessert station. Candles, florals, photos, plants, and even small signs labeling each treat are sure to add that extra special touch. You can put larger floral arrangements and tall candles towards the back of the table and smaller greenery pieces or tea light votives near the front. Don’t be afraid to take a couple bridesmaids’ bouquets and repurpose them for decor as well!

Treat stands of all sizes are a great way to add a little something special. You could have one tiered treat stand with two smaller cupcake stands. If you only have platters or plates, a budget saving way to add some height and dimension could be to stack wooden boxes underneath the platters! We have a couple photos of different styled dessert bars for reference! 

Photography: McKenna Mansfield Photography

3. Placement is key!

This tip is extremely simple, and free! Placing your desserts in the correct way will organize the traffic flow of the dessert station, strategically help guests know what treats they want, and ultimately move them from the desserts to the next activity. If you choose to have a cake, that should be the focus point of the table. From there, we can build everything off of it to make it look seamless and super duper cute!!

 At one end of the table, place the napkins, forks, spoons, plates, etc. This will help guests see where the line begins. You can then place the taller cake stands, tiered plates, platters, wooden boxes, or whatever tall items you might be using to hold your desserts towards the back end of the table. After this, fill in the gaps towards the front with the smaller and less elevated treat stands. While you fill in the treats, don’t forget to have the cake be the main attraction in the center! 

Photography: Heather Shane Photography

Here is where the fun part comes in! Place florals around the base of cake stands, barrels, etc. and your candles can frame the table. Decor is not a perfect science, so you have freedom to be creative!! Finally, add in any signage or other pieces you want to include and there you have it. Your dessert station looks INCREDIBLE and will taste even better!!!

Talk to ya soon!


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