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3 Unique Ways to Include Guests into Wedding Decor

Everyone has their own story to how they met and how they got together. Maybe you met at college, at a party, through an app, or a friend set you up. Regardless of your story, you definitely have a group of friends that have helped you and your significant other get to the place you are today.

So, how can we honor these special friendships in a small but significant way at our wedding? We have 3 ideas for you and how you can add your people into your big day!

photography by Trent Preston

1. Unique Table Names

Name your tables a special name that means a lot to your and your friends. This could be a favorite restaurant, city, movie, or even street name. The possibilities are endless!

2. Photos!

You know how much you love to look back on old photos from throughout your dating period? Your wedding is the absolute perfect time to showcase your oldest and silliest and most sweet photos to everyone. It makes it double the fun when your guests can go and look at the photos and not only see you and your significant other, but also themselves! Dig up those old group photos from your early days together and show them off to your guests. This can be with framed photos throughout the venue space, hung pictures on a wall, or even a slideshow.

photography by McKenna Mansfield

3. Everyone’s Favorite Songs

Music brings us together and bcan flood our minds with memories. When you send out your wedding invitations, you can also let guests give their song suggestions through a google doc. When you are giving DJ’s songs that you want them to play, you can share the doc with them. This is sure to be a huge hit when you and your friends are tearing up the dancefloor and hear the perfect songs come on.

Obviously your wedding is all about you and your partner’s love and devotion to each other, but it can be fun to bring your people into it. We know how special these friends are to you and sharing a moment on the most important day of your life with them will be something that you never forget.

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