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3 Easy Ways to Spice up Cocktail Hour

Weddings are full of excitement and hustle and bustle. People laughing, dancing, and eating can be seen throughout the whole night. But what happens when the stars of the whole show leave and go take photos together?? This is called cocktail hour!

Cocktail hour can have a boring reputation to some. I don’t know how this rumor started but we are here to change it and give your cocktail hour the joy it deserves with 3 simple tips!

1. Appetizers and Drinks

Cocktail hour gets its name from the bar opening up. Let’s come back to this focus when we are worried about what guests will do during this part of the night. Guests will grab a drink and an appetizer. We love when our couples choose to make their bar a little bit more exciting with some signage and change the names of classic drinks to add their own spin. This is called making your signature cocktail, and you can name it literally any significant word from your love story. If you don’t have alcohol at your wedding, you should still have a wide variety of some cute beverages for your people to choose from while they mingle!

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2. Lounge Pieces

While your guests are chatting amongst themselves and enjoying a snack + drink, they may want to sit. This does not have to be on any regular chair though. We love incorporating fun lounge pieces at weddings to not only customize or personalize your space, but to have a place for your guests to literally lounge.

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3. Games

Games are always a hit during cocktail hour. People enjoy playing lawn games and they can be a great conversation starter between some guests that otherwise may not have met each other! Some of the most common games include corn hole, giant jenga, or giant checkers. To make these fan favorite games a little more personal, consider customizing the game pieces. This can be done in a more budget friendly way with paint that matches your wedding’s colors or you can go explore etsy for a personalized game with your names and wedding date.

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This time for guests to chat and grab a drink does not get enough credit as it should. It is by no means boring and always brings your loved ones that much closer at your wedding.

Try these for your wedding + let us know how it is! (Hopefully super fun, right?)

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