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5 Reasons Why Backyard Weddings Don't Suck

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

So… looks like COVID is still a thing and you still want to get married. (Remember when we all thought the idea of a few weeks in quarantine was going to be our personal nightmares - look at us now! Seems like this prolonged period of uncertainty, lack of guarantees and constant change is the true nightmare.)

Where were we? Oh yes - your wedding, in the middle of an pandemic.

With so many venues (except for the lucky few!) closed down, you may be considering a few new spots to get married. (Maybe you’re at the point where everywhere you go, you’re secretly assessing if you could host a wedding? Oh wait - that’s just me?) And it turns out your  parents/ neighbors/ pastors/ friend backyard has never looked like a better spot to tie the knot! 

Here’s a few reasons why backyard weddings don’t suck -

  1. Sky is the LIMIT with creativity. I mean, there usually are so few (if any!) limitations. Want to hang flowers from the cactus? Do it. Want to do floating arrangements? Heck yeah. Want to turn the outdoor shower into a photo booth? I mean, sure! When you are not confined to the limits of a venue, you can dream bigger and bolder. 

  2. Can we say WAY more affordable? I mean, seriously. Goodbye thousands of dollars spent on the space, HELLO free. (Or, at least, almost free!) No one ever complained about too much extra room in their budget and with a backyard wedding, you cut formerly unavoidable costs WAY down. 

  3. The nostalgia factor. I mean, seriously, weddings in backyards are prime for feeling all the feels. It’s far more intimate and personal than most other spots! But, guess what - nostalgia doesn’t mean less sophisticated or wonderful. We sure as heck can has a sophisticated, elegant and beautiful wedding… with all the nostalgia of a back yard. 

  4. Party as long as you want. I mean, maybe this should be the one and only reason. With many venues, there is a limit to the time at which you have to stop the party. When it’s in your backyard, it’s alllll you! Check your city’s noise limits, though, for reals. We’d like to avoid law enforcement showing up at your party. 

  5. More flexibility to spend your money where you want to! Remember how we talked about how much more affordable it is to get married in a backyard *cough cough, nearly free!* Well, with money left over in your budget that you feel comfortable with spending, you can chose to invest it in other elements of your day. Maybe you upgrade your tabletop decor. Maybe you upgrade your florals. Maybe you want to do ghost chairs instead of chiavari chairs. Maybe you book that photog that is a little more of an investment but, is your FAVE! Remember how I said sky is the limit? It TRULY is! 

This is just FIVE of a million reasons. Lately, we’ve been doing all the backyard weddings and I gotta be honest with you, I freaking love them. I am here for them! It’s just so dang fun. 

In all things, with grit and grace --


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