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5 Things I Love Most Right Now

Just a disclaimer: Just in case you’re unsure about how we do things around here but, none of this is sponsored. Wouldn’t be opposed to it but, not sponsored, just pure unpaid love. 

1. Tropical Punch Health-Ade Kombucha

I don’t know about you but, sometimes kombucha tastes really good. And sometimes it really doesn’t taste good. This one, I’ll tell you - IT TASTES GOOD. Less of the acidic taste and so much of the fruity + sweet taste. I’m telling you right here, right now, I’m drinking this kombucha as I type this. Got to keep up on that gut health! 

You can find this at your local Trader Joe's!

2. THESE Madewell jeans 

More than two times during quarantine I have chosen to wear these jeans instead of yoga pants. I promise you this - I’ve never done this with any other jeans! The fact that we are all in our homes and only see our closest family every day, speaks volumes of these jeans, right? 

AND here’s the thing - I am ALL about investment pieces. ALL about them. By nature, I am not a big spender. I have my few things that I love (cough, cough SoulCycle and coffee) but, when it comes to clothes, I’ll always choose to shop less frequently and grab things that last a LONG time. So, yes, these jeans are a bit on the pricier side. They last FOR-E-VER. Years and years of looking and feeling so good in those jeans! 

You can find them here!

3. PopSugar Work-Outs

Here’s the disclaimer with this: you totally don’t have to work out. The internet tells you otherwise, but do what you need to do for YOU to be healthy. Also, be sure to consult your healthcare professional. 

Something that has helped me keep a clear mind, start my day well and get motivated for the day has been working out. Some days I love a barre workout and some days I like to go for a run. (And some days, I just like to sit on my couch to read. More on that later). On days that it feels energizing and somewhat exciting, I love a good PopSugar Work-Out. 

They have so many options, too. Body weight workouts. 30-minute, 45-minute, hour long. 

They live here!

Bottom line: you do you. 

4. The Grace Year

One of my favorite things to do is to read! 

Now, I know you’re probably like, “Claire, I hate reading. Always have. That seems so bleh.”

 And I get it. I used to feel that way, too! Until I found a few books at the library because some of my favorite little humans were needing to step up their reading game for school, and I told them I’d do it with them. So, maybe, for you, Google some books you know you like and find some similar ones to pick up! 

I think this sweet little quarantine time has been a gift in that it has allowed me to read SO much more. Let me be real with you - I. Don’t. Hate. (That part, specifically. I could do without the not-seeing-other-people part.) 

A little synopsis, you ask? I gotchu. 

This book is a YA Dystopian story that follows a county that abides by some strict, unique, conservative/ traditional beliefs. At first, you’re like SAAAYYY WHAT? I don’t know if I can read about ______. But, then you’re also, like, “But, I gotta know what happens!” 

At 16, the young women all go out to the wilderness and fend for themselves for a year. Lots of twists, turns and surprises that leave you wanting to just. Keep. reading. (Which is what I did.) It speaks to encouraging female comradery and the gift that we have in uniting together as women. Not going to lie, I was sad when it was over!

I found mine at Target but, I know it likely lives at your local Amazon or indie book store!

5. Zoom

Let’s be real about who the real MVP is around here these days. Leans in and whispers, it’s Zoom. 

+That’s a wrap, ladies and the single gentleman that is reading this. The things that I am loving a lot, right now. Until next time.

Lots of hugs, grit and grace to you - always..  


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