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6 Ways To Grow Your Wedding Industry Biz (From A Marketing & Growth Strategist)

Hey hey Grit & Grace Events fans!

My name is Hunter Rohwer, and I’m a Marketing and Growth Strategist for service-based businesses. Claire and I have been Instagram friends for what seems like years now, and she asked me this year to be on her podcast and do a one-on-one coaching session with her this year. After our coaching session, she asked me to share some of my knowledge with some of her business besties on how you can build, grow, and scale your wedding industry business, and I JUMPED at the chance to guest post on her blog!

A little background here, I’m a full-time Marketing & Product Manager for an all-female website design agency, GoLive. But, I’m also an independent Marketing and Growth Strategist for small service-based businesses, a TikToker, and a wife and mom of 2 toddlers.

A few of the things that I got to coach Claire in during our call, and big questions we discussed together were how she can scale and grow Grit & Grace Events, and this is absolutely my favorite type of business coaching.

Whether you’re just starting out and are about to work your first wedding,or if you’re a couple years in, there are a few tried-and-true tactics you can use to grow your own wedding industry business!

Here’s 6 Ways To Grow Your Wedding Industry Business:

1. Automate & Streamline Your Systems

You’ve heard it said, “Time is money.” And that is true! If you haven’t found a clear, structured, and automated system for vetting, onboarding, and executing your client work for your business, this is absolutely step one. This step is for you if you’re still doing a TON of emailing back and forth, or if you’re writing or customizing each individual email, message, and contract you’re sending out.

When your systems are more automated and streamlined, you’re out of your inbox more, and you have more time to do what ACTUALLY makes you more money (things like marketing and doing the actual work for your clients). Consider looking into a CRM system like Dubsado or Honeybook to get everything in one place, automate some of those emails, and make taking on new clients a breeze.

2. Hire Your First Team Member

After you get those systems streamlined, hiring your first team member can be a natural second step to grow your business. This, again, comes back to time. If you hire on a new gal to handle your email inbox, or even do some of the repeat admin tasks like sending contracts or tracking down invoice payments, you free up more of your time to make money moves in your business.

3. Make Yourself Look Busy Online

This is a tip I’ve learned in the last 5 years of working with small businesses. If you look busy online, people are more likely to hire you. Posting that you’re actually doing the work that you say you do builds a trust factor with your audience. If they can’t see you doing the thing you say you do, how are we to know you’re a pro at it?

I always get this question, so I’ll beat you to it: “What if I’m not busy YET, Hunter?” I’m glad you asked! This is where what I call “test projects” come in. If you’re a florist, put together a bouquet just for you once a day and share it. If you’re a wedding planner, go on tours of venues just for kicks and post that. Just because you don't have client work yet doesn’t mean you can’t post that you’re working on your business.

4. Start An Email List

It’s been proven again and again in marketing circles that email marketing has the highest return on investment. However, a lot of wedding industry pros I’ve talked to before have a limited window in which they need to snag that client’s attention to book a project.

SO, instead of utilizing an email list thinking you’ll convert those people into paying clients, think of it more like sending a handwritten letter to your BFFs so that you and your business stays top-of-mind when they are recommending someone to their BFFs. This actually frees you up quite a bit to share more lifestyle content, inspirational content, and personal content through your email list with just a *hint* of wedding content.

One of my wedding pro friends has a weekly newsletter where she shares a cocktail and a funny story each week. I got married 5 YEARS AGO, and she’s always my go-to gal to recommend for florists in the industry because her name pops up in my inbox once a week!

5. Create A Referral Program

This is an easy one! After the wedding, about 1 month or 3 months after, tell your clients you’ve got a referral program -- and it doesn’t have to be cold hard cash! Maybe it’s a $50 gift card to Starbucks that you give out for a referral. Maybe it’s that Anthro candle you know all your brides love. Find a way to have an incentive to share your business that connects to your ideal client.

6. Restructure Your Current Offerings & Raise Your Prices

The people love a good “package.” Think about it this way: When you go to In-N-Out, if they only offered burgers, fries, and a soda on their menu as 3 separate items, you might skip out on one of those three items, which means In-N-Out would lose potential profit from that 3rd item. To increase their profits, companies like In-N-Out have put all 3 of those things into a COMBO. Because it’s so easy to order, and because human psychology says, “Oh, it’s bundled? Heck ya, I’ll just get all three for that one price,” their profits go up.

If you’re offering everything a-la-carte right now, I dare you right now to take a look at all the clients you’ve had in the last 1-2 years. Take a look at what the common offerings, options, or selections that are consistently showing up on your invoices. If you combine 3-5 of those things and put them as your “base package,” not only are you going to make it easier on you because you can systemize, streamline, and repeat that package over and over again until it’s second nature, but you’ll make it easier for your bride or couple to say HECK YES to that base package.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a sign to increase your prices, this is it, boo.

The Wrap Up

Of course, there are probably thousands of different things you could do to build, grow, and scale your wedding industry business, but these are my top 6 favorites to recommend to my industry friends. As we head into summer #2 of this panoramic pandemic, I wish you growth and blessings in your business!


Hunter Rohwer

Find Hunter on HERE, on IG (@hunterrohwer) + on our favorite, TikTok. :)

**All photos are Emily Saenz Photo

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