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A new thing, new space.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

This is a new space. A new nook of the internet where words meet metaphorical paper. (And go up on the internet for humans to read.) 

I’ve got words to say and things to share but, I’m not sure they’ll matter much until you know  a smidgen (AKA - a little bit) about the writer, right?

McKenna Mansfield Photography

Here’s the scoop: 

  1. First name, Claire. Last name, wouldn’t you like to know. 

  2. I am a Christ-follower. That means that I chose to follow, honor and love Jesus. And out of that deep rooted belief and relationship, I get to serve and love other people. That also means that I will never shove my faith down your throat or dismiss you because we share different beliefs. There’s space for it all here. The thing that there ISN’T space for? Shame or exclusion. 

  3. I run a business, plan weddings and mostly just like making people’s dreams come true through thoughtful organization, planning and creativity all infused into one season called engagement. 

  4. I show the most real + relevant glimpses of life and business on Instagram stories. So, if you’re not already there, you might want to see what all the (non-existent) hype is about.

  5. I don’t have many comfort foods, per say. Rather, coffee is my comfort food, drink, hug in  a cup. (Maybe a post on the best spots around town coming soon?)

  6. I have a deep love for a good sweat. (Most days of the week. Other days, I have a deep love  for my couch. There’s space for both, always.) 

  7. If you’re an enneagram person, I’m a 1 wing 2. But, don’t look up what the representation of 1’s are because they all seem real boring and stuffy. I think my people would tell you that I’m not boring and stuffy. 

  8. I will always be the first one to laugh at my own jokes. 

  9. Given a day off? (Every week, because hello, boundaries and maintaining a bit of sanity). A run or walk at the beach, drinking coffee, probably listening to a podcast and a family dinner.

  10. Most of the time the words that I write don’t see much light outside of my journal. Probably because writing has always been somewhat of a sacred processing tool in the last decade or so. When all the feelings are rising or when life feels mundane, there’s always something to be said. 

Lauren Scotti Photography

There is always something to be celebrated, show gratitude for or remembered. 

And that’s where this comes in. A place for words to meet metaphorical paper, memories to be preserved, seasons to be honored, and lessons to be learned. By trade and talent, I plan weddings. I spend a whole lot of my day between phone calls or FaceTime, answering emails, following up via text or email like it’s my literal full-time job, and dreaming big dreams with brides to take their vision/ Pinterest board/ hopes into real life wedding day. (Without costing a million dollars, unless you’re into that.) 

The way I see it, the organization and administrative part of wedding planning allows space for beauty, memories and gatherings to happen.

So, where exactly does a blog come in?

I’ve found in my time (thus far), this has been a bright spot in the midst of so many changes and challenges. If you’re a Brene Brown fan -- we would call this a FFT for a lot of us. (Both this season and this blog). Which means, grace and GRACE ABUNDANT in every way. 

McKenna Mansfield Photography

Here’s the down low (DL - aka the scoop) and house rules of this internet space: 

  1. Writing is fun. I’d like it to stay that way. So, that means you’ll probably see a real mixture of things on here. Real life stuff, wedding photos, tips and tricks and also, probably some seemingly random works that just need a spot on paper and earned a place on the internet. 

  2. We are kind, always. First and foremost, kindness and respect. If you’ve got something kind to add or say, Welcome, we like you and appreciate you. If you don’t have something kind to say, We still appreciate you for who you are but, until you can tap into some kindness,  you can show yourself out. 

  3. You’ll probably see a post a week. I’m thinking Monday. Good way to start the week, you in?

McKenna Mansfield Photography

There’s a lot of my life + this business that feels and is structured and organized. Which has a lot of value, no doubt about it. But, this place isn’t for that as much. A little less structure, a little more freedom. My life mostly includes a lot of weddings, good coffee, magical wonderful humans that I get to call friends + mentors, finding joy in the little things, and long captions and learnings, that now, will probably become blog posts. 

That’s all for now, see you around the block next week! Grateful you’re here, for real.

Lots of hugs, grit and grace - always,


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