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Affordable Bridesmaid Dress Guide

We all know that wedding dresses aren’t cheap, but what about bridesmaid dresses?

When did they start costing so much money?

I know that it may be so challenging to find the perfect shade of mauve, pink or match the neutral theme the bridesmaids are wearing. It can be discouraging to find that perfect dress and then look at the price tag and feel stressed.

I have seen some really beautiful dresses at weddings. I always ask bridesmaids where they got their dress to have some recommendations at the ready! Well, you’d be shocked at the answers I have heard.

From Nordstrom to Target (!!!) we have an option for you!!

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I think ASOS dresses are very popular in the bridesmaid world. They have endless colors, patterns, and styles that you can find to match your color scheme! Prices range from $50 to $150 depending on your budget.

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2. Urban Outfitters

This may sound like a strange place to choose a bridesmaid dress from, but it is a great option if you are trying to be on the more casual side instead of dressy. A lot of girls end up going with Urban Outfitters because you may have a higher chance of wearing the dress again and again even after the wedding! I think it is so special to find a nice dress that you can repurpose for future nights out as well.

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3. Free People

Free People is the place to go if you are in the market for a dreamy, boho trend. There are more pricey options ranging from $98 to $279, but they are known for higher quality pieces.

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4. Lulus

Okay, let’s talk about Lulus. They have endless amounts of colors, styles, patterns, and sizes. The price ranges from only $20 to $314. Wow! You will be able to find a dress for sure, regardless of what size or color you need.

Photo: BroCoff Photo

5. Target

I know Target sounds a little strange, but this is the option for a casual bridesmaid dress. They have hundreds of solid colored dresses in cotton, breezy fabrics, or silky, nicer fabrics too. There are so many options and are on the inexpensive side for sure. Maybe you can even find a cheap pair of heels on your way out of the store!

^ Literally me in an Azazie Dress that I LOVED last fall one a friends wedding, walking with a friend down the aisle. Such a magical day!

6. Azazie

This is the PERFECT spot for the bride who is looking for giving their bridesmaids a variety in their dress shapes + styles, but wants the same color for every girl. It makes it so easy - just pick one color and let them choose their own gown!

Finding a bridesmaid dress should be an enjoyable process!! Don’t let your size or your financial situation get in the way of creating lifetime memories with your besties. I hope that this guide gives you peace knowing that the perfect dress is out there for you!!

Catch ya down the aisle -


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