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Delicious + Simple Fall/ Halloween Party Snacks

So, it looks cute + you’ve got your activities set but, what about FOOD?

I feel like I could just say … “Go to Trader Joe’s!” Ya feel? But, I digress, I won't. I've got a few fun party snack ideas ready for YOU!

Some of my favorites include:

  1. Warm apple cider (Homemade is 10 extra points but store bought is a solid 9/10, too.) 

  2. Pumpkin or, Apple Spice Scones 

  3. Pillsbury Halloween sugar cookies (you HAVE to, right?)  

  4. Individually cut apple slices + dipping caramel (Keep toothpicks next to it so, that it can be self-serve! You can, also, add toppings on the side like nuts, sprinkles, crushed oreos, or marshmallow fluff.) 

  5. Fall Party Mix -- Recipe found HERE

As you can tell, you can go any way with this + it doesn't have to cost a fortune! And let’s be real - with all of this happening, we’re all most excited about the fact that we could just be in each other's presence. How fun is it to create an atmosphere of togetherness + gratitude? That’s what we’ll carry with us - the memories + traditions. 

I can hardly wait to see all  your photos from your own backyard Fall/Halloween parties! Tag us so we don’t miss it!

‘Til next time!

With love, grit + grace,


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