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Did someone say, "food?" *Ears perk up*

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Hey hey lady!

Most mornings when I wake up, I already know the breakfast I want to eat in mind. (Strange? Maybe. But, when you've got fresh, homemade bread in your freezer, you would know what you want for breakfast when you wake up, too.)

Another thing I know? People DANG LOVE food at weddings.

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We're not even going to go there. "There" being the place where I tell you I could not, in good conscious, tell you the sheer number of dirty looks, passive aggressive comments, argumentative questions, or condescending tips we have gotten when we have to tell someone that food won't be for a little bit OR, that the dessert bar isn't open. (The latter is the greatest offender. Be on guard at the dessert table in order to be The Most Hated Person in the Room. That is, until you give them access and then you become The Best Person in the World.)

I'm going to break down some of the details of catering for you so that it feels less like a mystery to more of the menu of your dreams.

There are TWO typical ways that food is served:

  1. Buffet. Where you go up to some large treys of food and either get served or self-serve yourself a portion. (This is the most cost effective option!)

  2. Plated. Where you get served a plate of food already prepared. (This is typically the higher price point option).

McKenna Mansfield Photography

There are THREE (3!) typical caterer styles:

TYPE 1: Catering included your venue.

Example: @24Carrots w/ Franciscan Gardens, Ole Hanson, etc.

The deets: Usually the most costly but, most smooth wedding process of them all. They are the cream of the crop and know how to run wedding day like it is their job. (Because it is, I guess). They usually offer both a buffet or plated option.

TYPE 2: Hired-in catering.

Example: Miho Catering

The deets: You hire them in to do it all. Cook, serve, clean up and wow your guests at every turn. It is not directly affiliated with the venue but, provides a high end experience at your venue of choice! Again, buffet or plated options are available.

Type 3: Food Truck Style

Example: Taco Truck/ In n Out truck

The deets: Definitely the most cost effective option of them all and least “hands on” option. Often times, it just includes the food itself being served out of the truck. No bussing, no clean up, just serving, etc.

There you have it! The inside scoop on all things catering for your wedding. Because, as noted before, people dang love food.

Lots of hugs, grit and grace - always,


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