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Do YOU Need a Wedding Planner?

We've been around the block a time or two, and we've heard it all.

Sometimes hiring a wedding planner can feel unnecessary. Let’s face it, Pinterest and other DIY projects can make weddings and all the components that go into them seem like a big ole fun craft. We totally understand that there are definitely brides who are incredible planners, organized, and have known exactly what their wedding dress will look like since they were seven years old. Well, we are here to tell you that we think every couple needs a coordinator/ planner! Yup, everyone.

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Hear us right now - we're not saying we're the best fit for everyone. Let's be real, that's super unrealistic and we have talked about it before. It's important that you hire the person you feel is BEST for your day! We're the best for some but, not for everyone! One way to really tell if we are is to follow along on the 'gram + see who we really are (!!!! We love stories most of all!) and check out our packages here!

So, you have helpful family? We love a helpful family! Having people around who support you and help bring your dream wedding to life is absolutely the best and we don't want to diminish that. (They can even help us out!) We want you and your family to be able to balance the fun and exciting season with working on the wedding. That’s where we come in to bring balance and boundaries. We have THREE major reasons people hire a wedding coordinator or planner!

1. Significantly reduced stress on wedding day

The number one reason that we are hired above all other things, is for an incredible wedding day. You might be thinking, well obviously, but it is the truth! Even if you have all the details planned down to a tee, on wedding day you need somebody to coordinate with vendors and keep the timeline going. If you have all the planning figured out and just need some help on wedding day and to bring the last minute details together, our month of package would be the best for you! Also, if your mom is a little apprehensive about hiring us because she didn’t have a planner at her wedding, we have had countless moms come up to us after wedding day and tell us that they had felt uneasy about hiring us but ended up feeling relaxed and even like a guest at their own child’s wedding. That is our goal, and we believe if you hire us, this is exactly how you will feel.

2. Setting boundaries

Just as I mentioned earlier, setting boundaries while balancing wedding planning is not a simple task. It can feel like there are too many tasks to handle and not enough time. Or maybe that so many loved ones want to help that you don’t know what to do. We want to help you set time for wedding planning and time for you and your fiancé!! We will help you divide up the tasks or take them off your plate and ensure that it is a wonderful and celebrated season in your life!

3. Stay on track.

When you are planning a wedding, timing is everything. When do you get the dress? When do you hire the DJ? What day do you send out the invites? These are all tasks that we keep you on track for! We are pretty good at the timing of pre wedding and wedding day activities, and we even make these wonderful timelines to help ensure everyone is on the same page. Even the most organized people can use a little help in this area.

4. We've done this before.

We've planned a wedding or two in our days so the things that are wild, challenging as you work on your wedding is very likely something that we no longer bat an eye over. We love what we do and we've got the intuition if there is something going well or smoothly, or quite the opposite. We know how much time you actually need for first look, when and where you'll have moments to breathe, how to schedule your photographer in a way that optimizes the amount of time you've hired them for, how to calm your mama down when she's feeling stressed about all the things. We've done this before and we like it so much (and people seem to like it, too!) that we decided to do it all over again. We've got the passion, the experience and the expertise to elevate your engagement season from a blur to something you can actually soak in.

No matter who you hire, you deserve the best engagement season you can get and the truth is that hiring a planner allows that to become more of a reality. But, what is best for one is not the best for the other, which is why we have different packages (!!!!) for all the different couples.

Month-Of (HERE is a blog all about it... and one thing we'll always say no to!)

Partial Planning

Full Planning

+ Design

I hope that this helps you and your family feel more at ease about the planning process. I know that even I will have a planner at my wedding, because I don’t want myself or any of my guests to feel like they have to do anything! I want a stress free day where the only worry on my mind is how many donuts can I sneak in while dancing?

See you next week! Same place, same time. (10 AM on Monday!)

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