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Easy + Modern Halloween Decor

So, you’ve got your activities on lock! You bought the string, you grabbed some pumpkins on your last Trader Joe's run. Now, what should the house or backyard look like? I mean, it's all about that fall atmosphere. One of the first things that comes to mind with fall is the smell.

Start off with a little something to set the stage. You've got the pumpkin pie candle burning or, the fall essential oil blend diffusing + all of sudden everyone can take a sign of relief as they walk in the front door.

How about color?

The goal for Fall is to feel all autumnal + cozy, without feeling frumpy.  (Most of the time - sometimes frumpy is exactly how I want to feel.) That often means specific colors and textures to encourage that. Pops of warm neutrals + mustard yellow + deeper hues of red’s. When you primarily have warm tones, it’s always good to balance it out with a cooler color -- like navy blue or warm white. (Pillows are an easy way to do this!) 

SIMPLE TOUCHES: Along with your newly made vases + string banner, some real easy + elevated touches could be: 

  • A stack of pumpkins, in varying sizes + colors. (White + orange look real cute together) 

  • Chunky knit blankets 

  • Black + White prints (eyoooo Etsy has such good ones!)

  • Gold Mirror/ mirrors (HERE is one from Target!)

  • Cinnamon broomsticks 

  • Vintage books 

  • Taper candles (Beeswax taper candles are fall in a nutshell. Grab some HERE

If you’re thinking table top or, you’re looking to make your snack table look cute as ever, without being too much? Try: 

  • One large white pumpkin with a few orange baby pumpkins surrounding it + leaning against it. (Try your local grocery for this - Trader Joe's has the best line up.)

  • 2 beeswax taper candles (HERE!)

  • Letterboard with a pun-ny phrase or menu (Grab one here!)

  • White tablecloth for a more casual vibe + Black tablecloth for more of a spooky vibe.

  • If you’re one of the lucky ones with a wooden table, consider a neutral cheese cloth runner. (HERE is a good option!)

  • Little baby plastic ghosts or spiders (like the kind you find in the dollar section!) on the table

  • Black + white food containers/ cups/ napkins

All of these things can be swapped + switched. Maybe you're more of a decorated mantel type of gal. Try a few beeswax taper candles on either side, with some of your faux terra-cotta pots next to them for some good ol' level diversity + added dimension, sitting on some books (these are the DREAM! And THESE are magical, too. Or, these. ) with your icon string banner draped between the two and some baby pumpkins along the middle.

I can already see it - your house is looking might darling for this season! Tomorrow is our LAST day of our fall series + we may have save the best for last. ... come hungry.

All the best,

Claire + Abbey

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