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Eve + Shane | Modern, Soft + Elegant OC Wedding

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

I was half way stepping out of my car, to meet the high school girls that I lead (and love!) at my church, when my phone pinged. My left foot was on the pavement and my right was on the floor mat of the driver’s seat, leaving me in a position to quite conducive to easily grab my phone. In the distance, I saw some of my girls and waved enthusiastically right back at them. 

As I stepped fully out of the car, I grabbed my purse, Bible and phone. I walked toward my girls to see what message I had received and it was from Eve. 

Eve + I had met in high school, at the same church I happened to be arriving at. A few years after we had met, we (by some dang good fortune) ended up being hallmates in the same college dorm. I mean, literally, right across the hall and it was so. dang. Fun.

One day, between classes, jobs and Disneyland trips, we took advantage of the calm in the midst of all the chaos that college is. Eve, on her bed, Bobbi (her BFF + MOH) on hers and I was on the couch. Between the talk of looming assignments, Shane came up. At that point, Eve + Shane had been dating for a few years and before I could even ask the question, Bobbi volunteered the answer that I was looking for.

“And they’re going to get married. Probably soon. They’re so good together!.”

Eve agreed (of course!) but, admitted it wouldn’t be for quite a while. 

After meeting in high school, dating throughout graduation, dances, and all the other joy that high school brings and into college, Eve and Shane hadn’t had it easy. They walked through months of long distance, months of letter-writing, months of hard conversations and hard decisions. And every time, they still chose one another. Day after day, trial after trial, joy after joy - Eve chose Shane and Shane chose Eve. 

In truth, there are people who frown upon getting married young (whatever “young” means to you - whether it’s 20, 21 or 26) but, the love and relationship between Eve and Shane spoke of so much more than their age. It was mature, enduring, faithful, committed and honest. 

Which regardless of age, is not to be overlooked. 

Fast forward quite a while -- My phone pings and it’s Eve. 

From the get-go, there was no doubt that despite being just two days after Christmas, there would be no trace of green and red. We were going all warm hues of pinks, reds, oranges, and neutrals. With the gloriously looming green walls of leaves that surrounded the Franciscan Garden courtyard, the warm hues popped and took focus. 

The warmth in the colors reflected what Eve and Shane hoped for their day - an open invitation for their dearest friends to celebrate all the joy, love and goodness in their lives. It was a captivating, elegant and darling gathering of their people. 

From the flowers to the personalized neon sign to the lounge outside, there was no doubt that it was all, “SO Eve and Shane.” The details were captivating but, the most captivating of it all was watching Eve and Shane become Mr. + Mrs., after patiently waiting for so many years. 

This was the day they had dreamt of and prayed for -- the day was preceded by days of long distance and a relationship put two people who were seeking to honor Jesus through it all. 

To say it was an honor and privilege to be part of their day is modest. 

The team who brought this day together couldn't have been more committed or excellent at what they do!

Venue: Franciscan Gardens

Photography: Jessica Pine Photography

Planning + Design: Grit and Grace Events

Videography: Cole Johnston Visuals

Florals: Cultivated by Faith

Dress: Love and Lace Bridal Salon

Dessert: JD Flannel Doughnuts + TwinTreats

DJ: DJ Griff Entertainment

Catering: 24 Carrots

Rentals: Sundrop Rentals

Calligraphy: Makenna Gurzi

Lots of hugs, grit and grace to you - always,  


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