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First 3 Steps to Starting Your Business

Oh hey there!

Was this THE year you thought, “It’s time I went for it. I just gotta do it!”

Maybe better yet you thought, “2020 is my year!” and then, 2020 hit and you were like … Uhhhh, is this the Lord’s/ Universe's way of saying not so quick?

Whatever the case is, are you thinking this year (!!!) is the year you want to start that new thing, side hustle or business? I sure as heck don’t know what 2021 holds but, I do know that there are few things that I would have loooooved to know when I was getting started and feeling like I was playing Mafia in the dark and was just trying to make it to safety but, didn’t really know what was up, down, left or right. (You feel me?)

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Here are 3 simple steps for starting your business THIS year -

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STEP 1: Figure out WHAT you want to do + WHO you are going to serve.

Seems pretty simple, right? But, let’s be real - it can get really complicated really fast without clarity on who or what you want to do. If you want to be a wedding planner (yay!) ask yourself these questions -

  • What kind of couple do you want to serve? (Boutique weddings? Large weddings? Simple weddings? High budget weddings?

  • What do YOU value and what do you want your clients to value? (Detailed decor? Personalized details? The simplicity? Trendy elements?)

This is a time when you would do something called Market Research which means that you do a bit of a dive into people who are already in your industry and doing the work. (I learned this from Moxie Gal Marketing!) This is a REALLY common place where copying happens so, hear me loud and clear, no copying. It does no good.

Your superpower is BEING YOU!

Super cheesy and woo woo but, IT’S TRUE. Literally no one can be you. Even if YOU think you are not exciting, I would love to bring to your attention that some of the things that I share about are: coffee, long walks on the beach and my dog. Although I love my life, those aren’t the most riveting things.

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STEP 2: Figure out your HOW.

This is where the practical stuff comes in like -

  1. Buying your domain (Hi, GoDaddy.com)

  2. Applying to be a DBA or LLC (Hi, LegalZoom)

  3. Get some contracts in place (Hi, TheLegalPaige Templates)

  4. Figure out your packages + pricing

  5. Put it all in 1, simple, client management system (Hi, HoneyBook!)

  6. Get your financial ducks in a row (Hi, QuickBooks Self-Employed)

On the Let's Talk Details podcast, we talked ALL about more details and specifics you're not going to want to miss on these things ^.

STEP 3: Work on your WHY.

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Truly - why do you want to do what you do? Because, I am probably one of those people who loves what their do maybe too much. I find so much JOY and PURPOSE in what I do. And yet, still, I had a few moments in the last year where I was thinking, “Should I update my resume + create a linkedin account?”

The thing that kept me going, even in the hard, was my WHY. I care deeply about people and creating spaces for people to gather and feel welcomed, loved and cherished. I do that through THIS!

One simple way to do this is to BRAND yourself. I worked with (and continue to!) Moxie Gal Marketing and it has been a GAME CHANGER in more ways that I can tell you.

One big way? We grew 100% in 2020.

In the middle of a pandemic? While running an events business, when they were literally illegal? During an economic crash? While experiencing some really challenging personal stuff? Yup.

This is JUST the beginning of it all. We recorded an even more all encompassing podcast on the Let’s Talk Details Podcast. Find it on Apple Podcasts for ya! New episode every Monday.

This is YOUR year as much as it is anyone else's. YOU got this + these are your steps. Just ONE step at a time!

Lots of love, grit + grace, always -

Claire + Abbey

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