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How to find the BEST DJ for Your Wedding

Hi everyone!

My name is Griffin, and I’m usually known as the music man! I’ve had the absolute privilege of servicing weddings and private events in Orange County for the past 10 years. Griffin is the name - DJing is my game! (I promise I’m not this cheesy IRL) In the past, you’ve probably seen me rocking one of your prom, homecoming, or winter formal dances. Or maybe you’d recognize me running the sound boards up at church? Or maybe we met at one of your closest friends’ weddings. Whatever the event -- It’s been an honor to continue to serve the community. 

I sincerely love what I do. DJing and MCing events has become a true passion of mine. It’s this cool mixture of being a musician, performer, coordinator, planner, and friend all in one. My team consists of some of the most talented DJs in the state. We’ve truly seen it all, and we’re continually willing to serve any of our brides and grooms, talking all things wedding music! 

Claire and I go way back-- back to 2017 where we had worked one of our first events together! As I recall, it was a rustic themed wedding in Temecula; and after a flawless event that evening, we ironically had 5 more events together for the remainder of the year. 

One of the things I’ve noticed is that once you find a compatible team of vendors - a group of coordinators, entertainers, photographers -- that works in pure synchronicity; it’s important to hold onto those vendors and work with them all when you can. To us, there is a recipe for success within the industry, and having a team that knows each others’ styles, routines, equipment - simply sets the event up for undoubted success. 

A few crucial things to consider when DJ & entertainment shopping. 

1. Consider what’s important to you.

What style DJ matches your idyllic vision? Some clients prefer the classic, ‘fedora hat,’ old-skool DJs who facilitate line dances and talk on the mic all night. Other clients prefer the young, focused, master-of-the-mix style performer to provide an epic dance floor with perfect and seamless transitions. Other clients prefer the night to be focused on a Master of Ceremonies - providing a strong personality to the reception, facilitating games, telling jokes, and interacting with the crowd. ALL of these styles are great and allow for huge success. 

Above all, the event should sound and feel like you.

You’re going to want to work with someone who is willing to accept your requests, play your Spotify playlists, and help curate that personalized soundtrack for your important evening. 

2. So, you’ve given your requests to the DJ - how do I know he’ll execute?

An experienced DJ will be able to sort and organize your music requests and play them when most sounds appropriate.

For example, sometimes we’ll receive one large 80-100 song playlist. This is more than welcomed of course, but generally will contain songs of all genres. Being the DJ - we’ll be able to allocate and execute those tunes when the time in the night is just right.

Music is that all powerful universal language. It has the innate ability to change the mood of any and everyone around. The unique aspect of our job is that we’re ultimately trusted with the mood and energy for the evening. It’s an incredible blessing. 

For more details about us, find us HERE! See you at your next event!

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