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Let's Talk About Booking on Capacity

A wedding business is much different than a typical business. We plan, design, and dream up a special and unique wedding for individuals. There is not one wedding we do that is the same, ever! There is no one size fits all method for each day, so we have a limit of events we can put on each year.

We actually could hypothetically do around 52 weddings a year right? There are 52 weeks a year, so why not do one wedding a week! This is a biggg no. We value our time and energy very much here at Grit and Grace. Your wedding is a huge deal to us. Those little details like every napkin placed perfectly on top of your plate and everybody receiving a sparkler at the end of the night actually mean a ton to us too!! We live for these cute and unique moments just as much. The problem with booking too many events we could physically and mentally take on would mean that we would not be able to deliver our highest quality of work.

People ask us frequently why we don’t take more weddings on, and this is simply why! We love our job, especially the unique pieces of each wedding that make it your own. These details require our full attention and that is what you deserve to receive. Less weddings on our plate means more time with you!

If you are a new planner trying to figure out your capacity of weddings, don’t stress! You can talk to others in the industry, feel it out as you go, or maybe you won’t even hit capacity since it is your first year. Regardless of your situation, we believe in you and trust us that overbooking will not bring any benefit to you or your business. Instead, think of how much more you could dedicate to each wedding you put your full heart into.

You got this! We support you full heartedly.



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