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Loren + Justin | DIY Boho San Diego Wedding

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

I stood outside, early summer was upon us and the phone was to my ear. (By early summer, I mean before it gets sweltering hot but it’s a bit warmer than the crisp  spring air.) The sun was warm on my skin and it felt like bliss to be able to step away from the air-conditioned office (which, I am so grateful to have that luxury in life) to hop on this call. 

“Hi! Is this Loren? This is Claire!” 

Turns out, I had the right number and was talking to the right person. Before this, the only interaction I’d had with Loren was an email that began with, First of all, I stumbled upon your instagram today and I can tell from just a little hunt around that you are an adorable human and we could definitely be friends!”

As our phone call and emails went back and forth, it was evident that we would be a near perfect fit. Without having met her in person, it was so clear that Loren was thoughtful, empathetic, followed Jesus with all she had and committed to kindness + loving others well (Some pillars that I hold to, too!). When it comes to coordinating and planning, we get to work so closely together in the process, so it is really quite important that we see eye to eye and that we can trust each other! There was no doubt that this wouldn’t be a problem with Loren.

Fast forward a few months -- “We could do this over the phone, but let’s be real - I’d so much rather meet in person!” 

With Loren and Justin living in San Diego and myself in Orange County, we decided to meet in the middle. We put up at a local coffee shop and the meeting was as wonderful as you might think. Pretty wild how the internet can help you find some of the best people, that you otherwise would never have met. From the get-go, it was so evident that Loren and Justin had a stellar community around them. The kind of people who say they’re going to show up to do what they said …. And then a million times more. 

We talked about allll the details. As we do, right? In a meeting with the venue, the venue manager pulled Loren’s mama aside and asked, “Claire and Loren knew each other before all things wedding, right?” To her surprise, we hadn’t. But, that meant that Loren was right from the get-go, in her first email. 

Another few weeks later -- When I showed up to rehearsal, in downtown San Diego (which as a city girl at heart, I was already giddy as all get out about being here), the community that we were talking about right up there ^ was in full force. Lifting, assembling, laying out, blotting out stains, etc. 

The venue was stunning independently and the accents that Loren and Justin were adding were the perfect touches that said, “That’s SO Loren and Justin.” 

And ACTUAL wedding day? Well, I cried multiple times because it was just as perfect as they deserved it. The DIY boho touches were everywhere and independently beautiful, but none of it took away from what we were there to do, which was to celebrate Loren and Justin. 

From the loaded fries and salad as the dinner of choice, to the surprise slideshow from their mama’s, and the poppin’ and committed dance  floor. All of it was bliss. 

Their community was truly unparalleled. In all the weddings, all the events, it’s always quite clear that the people are loved. Never once have I questioned that but, with Loren and Justin their people showed up in a radically different way. They were game to do anything without complaining (that included scraping and stacking plates that smelled like something else altogether -- we all took turns doing the “dirty work”. I’d do it all over again for Loren and Justin.) 

Around midnight, by the end of clean-up, after all the guests had cleared out and our feet were tired, craving a bed to sleep in, we said our goodbyes. We hugged tight and knew that the party that had just been thrown, wasn’t easily going to be forgotten. 

This day was one of the greatest of them all, I’m sure of that. I’d do it all over again, given the chance. Since that can’t happen (weepy weepy but, also so glad that Loren and Justin are staying married), here are some snippets from their day for you to relive with me! 

Here’s another thing you need to know, these are the vendors that helped make this happen!

Venue: Flora the Venue | Photography: Pretty Branch Photography | Planner: Grit and Grace Events | DJ: Gill Sotu | Catering: Revelry Catering | Bar: Moniker Bar | Florals: Family + friends 

Lots of hugs, grit and grace to you - always,  


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