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Our Top 4 Most Popular Welcome Table Layouts

One detail that may often get overlooked is the table that everyone sees when they first enter your wedding space, the guest book/gift table! This table is more important than you’d think. What is a guest book table? This is the table typically at the entrance of your venue where guests sign the guest book (hence the name), place their gift, and as of right now, where they grab some hand sanitizer and a mask too.

There are so many ways to decorate the guest book table. We have never seen a table that looks the same too! Every couple is different and their style and approach to this is unique. There are some routes that are more popular and effective, and we have three different styles for you!

1. The Traditional

The traditional way we see a guest book table set up includes the following:

  • Guest book with photos of bride and groom and space for people to sign

  • pens

  • Card box

  • Florals

  • Signage, maybe a welcome sign or a gift sign

  • Masks

  • Hand sanitizer

It is not necessary to completely fill the table up with decor, because guests will fill it with gifts! This is just what we typically see on the welcome table at weddings, and it has proven to work out great. It is an easy transition from arriving to the venue, signing the book, dropping off a gift, and then heading into the ceremony space.

2. Polaroids Please

One thing that can make the table more of an activity is to have a blank guest book! You can have guests take a polaroid and stick it into the guest book and sign. Or, you could have a guest book with photos of you and your significant other, and have a place for the polaroids to be displayed. Something like a frame with string and clothespins or a cork board would work great.

3. Presents Galore

Sometimes there are so many gifts on the table that they have to put some on the floor and sometimes there are only a couple. We know that thanks to online shopping and gift cards, your present isn’t always necessarily there in person on wedding day. But, for those of you who know that your friends and family love to bring gifts, you should plan ahead. This could look something like having a separate table for gifts than the guest book, or maybe having a small guest book so there is more space.

4. DIY Fun!

This table is for the couple that wants to do something outside of the box. We have seen giant Jenga blocks out on display waiting for guests to write some important marriage wisdom or well wishes on them. You can also have popsicle sticks for guests to write date ideas (maybe in addition to the guest book) and put them in a mason jar. We suggest hopping on Pinterest for some fun inspiration, then adding your own twist to it! Put a world map out and have guests put a pin on where they think you should travel to. The possibilities are endless.

Anything can work and don’t be afraid to get creative! We can’t wait to see what you come up with for your guest book table!

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