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Peanut Butter Cold Brew Recipe

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Hey hey there + happy day to YOU! 

Fresh new week, something so lovely about it. Can I get an amen?

Maybe you’re like, um, YOU’RE CRAZY. I know Monday’s can get a bad rep because it means a whole new week of work ahead. It means that the countdown gets reset all over again and we have a loooong way until the weekend again.

But, here’s how I see it - it’s a new week full of opportunities. New possibilities. New things that can happen. Lots of goodness to be had. Goodness like, COLD BREW.

You KNOW how much I love a good ol’ cold brew. Except, I’m not really a black coffee type of gal (unless it’s in the morning), so, I had to spruce it up a little bit to become something altogether magical. 

… and obviously I want to share the peanut butter cold brew magical with you! 



10 oz Cold Brew

⅓ cup of milk

1 - 1 ½ tbsp of powdered peanut butter

1 - 1 ½ tbsp of vanilla simple syrup

¾ serving of vanilla collagen 


  1. Put all of your ingredients into a mixer or blender. (I use a magic bullet + love it!)

  2. Blend it up for between 20 - 30 seconds. 

  3. Pour over ice when finished! 

That’s literally it. So easy + so delicious! 

If you’re a visual learner like myself, we made an IGTV with all the details for ya! + just about every week

day we do a time-lapse of a cold brew. Pop over + visit us at @gritandgraceeventsco for all the fun!

Lots of hugs, grit and grace - always,


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