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PIV-OT: Three Steps You Can Take Today To Ensure Your Business Is Ready For A Pivot

First, a quick little intro:

Hey hey, I’m Bri from Moxie Gal Marketing, but you can just call me your digital marketing BFF. I work closely with brands to create impactful and meaningful stories through marketing & branding services. Our greater mission is to change the culture surrounding female entrepreneurship by providing resources to push businesses forward.

Alright, back to business. 

I think if I had a dollar for every time I have heard AND said the word “pivot” in this season, I would be able to afford Starbucks venti iced coffees every day for the rest of my life. 

Why have people, like ya girl, been over using this word? Well, we had to do A LOT of pivoting in the last 7 months. 

  • If you are a wedding planner, your weddings were either postponed, cancelled or significantly changed.

  • If you had a brick & mortar storefront, you moved to online. 

  • If you are a photographer, you had to change the way you interact with your clients (Oh, hey masks!) 

We have all had to change our business models drastically. I am going to say something real bold here: the businesses that have survived so far, are the ones that pivoted quickly.

Out of all the ways I thought my business would go downhill, I never thought of a pandemic and odds are you didn’t either. But, we love a learning moment and what we learned is that we have to build businesses that are not only sustainable but flexible.

So here they are, three steps you can take today to ensure you business is ready for a pivot:

  1. Think of different avenues to monetize your business, and then do it.

If you are a business owner, you probably know who your target audience is. (I mean, I really hope you do and if you don’t, props to you for making it this far.) What the last 7 months has taught us is that we need to have more than one way we are monetizing our target audiences just in case the other is no bueno because of like, a global pandemic, economic collapse or something...

We are here on the Grit&Grace Blog so let’s use Claire as an example. Claire has always had two audiences: brides and those looking to become wedding planners. When Covid hit, we weren’t *as* concerned with her business taking a significant hit because she has other ways of monetizing her business.

So, pro-tip: Think of different avenues to make money and this will take a whole lot of stress off your back. So the next time you are in a global pandemic (hopefully never) or your business is slow, you don’t feel stuck.

2. Make sure you have a brand pillars

Whenever I am hired to do a rebrand or new brand for a client, we always start with what I called “Brand Pillars” - These are 6 words that are the foundation of your business that everything you do comes out of. 

For example Moxie Gal’s are:



Customer Service




There is not one product or service that we offer that does not fall within those brand pillars. If I am planning for upcoming projects for my company, I will always refer back to those pillars to ensure my brand is consistent. 

So, why is this important in preparing for a pivot? 

I’ll tell ya - When you are preparing for other ways to monetize your business (see step #1), come back to these pillars for ideas. Most likely, the answer is within these. 

3. Build an email list 

Am I a broken record? I think so. I tell EVERYONE to build an email list as soon as possible  (and perhaps go on a rant for a good 20-30 minutes every time someone brings this up.)

Let’s talk about the importance of building an email list. I will say that this year has been the year of unforeseen factors. (Can I get an AMEN?) 

So let me paint you a picture. What if you woke up tomorrow and Instagram and Facebook had decided to no longer be social apps and dissolve the business. Seriously, how terrifying. But it is a possibility - truth be told your followers on Instagram are not yours. 

Move your community over to a platform where you have more control. 

Alright, there they are! The three steps you can take to ensure you business is ready for a PIV-OT **Ross Geller voice**. 

Like I said, 2020 has been the year of unforeseeable factors AND lessons. Borrow this one for now and of course, I am always here as a resource for you if you need help with business strategies, marketing, social, branding, emailing, etc. 

I will leave you with the words of our Queen Jonathan Van Ness

“You are strong, you are a Kelly Clarkson song and you GOT this.”



Find Bri here -- Moxie Gal Marketing + on Instagram at @moxiegalmarketing

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