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Simple Halloween + Fall Party Activity Ideas | Pt. 1

Have you been tasked (voluntarily or volun-told) to host a fall/ Halloween party … are you’re like, uh yes, but where do I even start? 

Around here, I literally daydream about all the little parties that I could throw. I’m always the first to say YES to planning or designing .. although, I’m sure that’s not that surprising! As we get closer to Halloween, I’ve got a few tips + tricks up my sleeve that I wanted to pop over to share with you to be sure you have the greatest Halloween party there ever was. 

Photo: Lauren Scotti Photography

We're going to do a series for the next 3 days with our best Fall + Halloween ideas for YOU! Today we're talking all things activities. Tomorrow is all things decor + Wednesday is alll about food!

FIRST UP, activities -

  1. Carve Pumpkins (Duh, you knew this one was coming).

Things you’ll need: 

1. Pumpkins

2. Carving + scooping tools

3. Tarp 

4. Plate for the seeds (save ‘em and roast them later!) 

5. Table or open grass-y area

Photos: Via Pinterest, source unknown.

2. Paint Pumpkins 

Things you’ll need:

1. Pumpkins 

2. Paint 

3. Paint brushes 

4. Tarp 

5. Plate for the paint 

6. Table or open grassy-y area

Photos: Via Pinterest, sure unknown

3. Build your own Halloween/ Fall Banner 

Things you’ll need:

1. String (black or clear is ideal).

2. Paper (to cut into the shapes/ icons)

3. If not paper, pre-cut icons 

4. Scissors 

5. Tape 

6. Glue 

7. Markers/ Crayons (optional!) 

How to do it:

1. Cut the string to the length you would like + figure out how many icons you would like. 

2. If you have paper, start cutting the shapes or icons you like. (Pumpkins, X’s, ghosts, leaves!) 

3. If they are precut, obvi skip that. 

4. Place them along the string as you would like + then, tape them on the back to the string. 

5. Voila  + then, place it all around your house! 

Photo: Lauren Scotti Photography

Paint vases + make them look like terracotta/ clay

Things you’ll need:

1. Old vases + pots (Best from Goodwill!) 

2. Tan/ Neutral/ Terracotta paints (different hues!) 

3. Paint brush

4. Tarp 

5. Table 

How to do it:

1. Brush off + clean your pots so they’re free of dust

2. Choose your colors + then, paint away! 

3. Cover the entire vase (inside is optional). 

4. Let it dry overnight

5. Live your best life + place them around your house 

Tomorrow is all things decor + how you can take some of these items and become the coolest most mod fall kid on the block! Catch ya back here.

Lots of love, grit and grace,

Claire + Abbey

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