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Sophia + Henty | Romantic, timeless, international San Juan Capistrano Wedding

October 12, 2019 I got a message that read, "My fiancé lives in California + I live in the Netherlands. We are hoping to get married in early 2020 in California."

Before even knowing who this darling engaged gal was, I was giving her mad overseas props for being engaged and not even living in the same COUNTRY as her fiance. I had so. many. questions (Where did you meet? How in the world have you made long distance work? Where are you moving afterwards? Can I buy you coffee and give you a round applause for doing the dang thing, in the name of love?) but, needed to hold off the overly-eagerness until we had at leeeeassst chatted on the phone.

It was love at first sight.

Or, maybe I should say love at first FaceTime? Between them but, also for Sophia and I.

You know when you hop on the phone and you're like, "Um, are we cut from the same cloth? Did we actually just become BFF's?" I was hardcore hoping she would say yes to working together because I knew that it would be pure BLISS to plan, dream and create (and be friends with Sophia). It was THAT magical.

Speaking over the phone with Sophia, she shared sincere and earnest adoration for her fiancé. They had met in no other way than being introduced by their mamas. (Yes, you read that right.) I guess mama really did know best in this situation.

The only hiccup? They were an ocean and many countries apart.

Henty lived in Orange County, pursuing and living a job in ministry at a local church. He had grow up with roots outside of the California hence, the mama connection in the Netherlands. Sophia was living in the Netherlands, finishing up school and soaking up what it mean to be in the latter of her teen years. She, too, had spent a whole lot of her childhood years all around the world. She quite literally has friends and dear people all around the world.

It was only a matter of time before they were face to face. Over FaceTime that is.

It didn't take long for sparks and Henty to fly, to visit this girl he'd come to know without ever having met her. Once the plane touched down and they were truly face to face, it was practically love at first sight.

6 months of dating, trips back and forth and a diamond ring - New Years Eve of 2018, they were engaged.

The joy was palpable. The photos say it all - the thrill, the anticipation, the security in one another. It's so much more than a ring. It's a forever, it's a couch buddy, it's a travel companion, it's your greatest advocate, your most perceptive mirror, and your spouse.

After jumping through all the hoops of legal paperwork (remember how I mentioned an ocean and a few countries apart?) and getting all those details settled, wedding day was finally here. Later than either wanted but, when it arrived, it was warm in atmosphere, intentional, elegant, timeless and the sincerity of love was abundant.

Other things to know, these are the people who played a specific role in their wedding day and contributed to it being the magic that it was. I cannot recommend each of these vendors enough - they truly are the cream of the crop!

Venue: Saddleback Church Rancho Capistrano

Photography: McKenna Mansfield | www.mckmansfield.com

Planning + Design: Grit and Grace Events | www.gritandgraceevents.com

Florals: EverBloom Floral Design | https://www.everbloomfloraldesign.com

DJ: DJ Griff | https://djgriffentertainment.com

Dessert: TwinTreats | http://twintreatssd.com

Charcuterie Boards: Grit and Grace Events | www.gritandgraceevents.com

Custom Boards: Do Things Make Stuff

Catering: Gifted from friend

Rentals: Signature Party Rentals | http://signatureparty.com

Nothing but pure adoration for these two and this day.

Lots of hugs, grit and grace, always -


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