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Still listening.

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

June was quite a month. 2020 has been quite a year. I’m preaching to the choir, of that I am sure. 

Although, I would say I am a verbal processor (through and through), I wasn’t ready to put pen to paper and share in this format without taking time away. I needed time to step away, to process and to be frank, everything else felt quite insignificant in comparison to the brutality and oppression of the Black community. 

I am sure of this: all of us don’t see things the same. That is okay. I’m not here to convince you through arguing or defending the Black community. Although I feel defeated, discouraged and disheartened (to say the least) in response to what the Black community (and many marginalized - LGBTQ people, larger bodied people, Native Americans, etc.), I am not interested in arguing. 

I am just interested in showing up, loving well, listening and continuing to commit to learning. 

Because, I have a long way to go. I will make mistakes. I will not get it right every time, I will say the wrong things. 

For now, I have worked hard to learn from people in the Black community and to infiltrate more Black voices into the day to day of life. Because, the only conversation we have with Black people in our lives should not exclusively be about race. Yes, there needs to be space for that, too. But, Black people bring more to the table than just their skin color. 

Some of my favorite people that I am continuing to learn from:

  1. Brit Barron 

  2. Bryan Lorrits

  3. Albert Tate 

  4. Jackie Hill Perry

  5. Priscilla Shirer

More to come, more to learn. 

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