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Sustainable Businesses We are Supporting This Holiday Season

Updated: Jan 6

Christmas is coming!!!! I REPEAT it is Christmas time!

I think it is safe to say that everyone enjoys some aspect of the holiday season. Maybe you love to decorate your home and bake cookies or maybe you like to spend time with loved ones and watch festive movies. Regardless of what your favorite holiday tradition or activity is, I have a feeling it involves gift giving of some sort.

I know that exchanging gifts can bring a lot of stress to so many people, because it honestly can be so tricky! But, I have a secret power of gift giving. I actually really truly enjoy giving thoughtful gifts to others! It’s a weird power, but I want to use it for good and help all of you lovely humans give some awesome gifts this year!

Here’s the best part about our gift giving guide: each business listed is trying to do some good for the world, or sustainable. We really value shopping small and making an impact with where we put our dollar and shopping sustainably is just one way you can make an impact! 


I thought it was only appropriate to start with the gift that I will be giving the most. A baggu!! I don’t even have enough words to talk about my love for baggus. They are reusable bags that are cute, easy to store, and hold up to 50 pounds! I will be wrapping my presents in baggus this year!

2. Linden Avenue

I used to not be a huge earring gal because they would be too heavy and hurt my ears! But after discovering Linden Avenue, my earring game has been forever changed. These earrings are handmade and absolutely adorable. They are so special, and light and I can wear them all day long on wedding day!

3. Outdoor Voices

This brand is something else. I am in love with Outdoor Voices and their vibrant, comfortable, versatile activewear. My absolute go to item is their tech sweat leggings. They are flexible and cozy so I can wear them on a run or a trip to the grocery store. Oh also, they have an exercise dress. It’s basically a dress you can do absolutely anything in. It is also the best gift ever.

 4. James Street Co.

Major cool girl/boy vibes from James Street Co. I swear, when you put on their cozy beanie or sweater, it will change your life. I feel like I’m transported to a fall/winter wonderland.

5. O’Soy Candle Co.

Candles are such an easy gift to give!! Who doesn’t like a candle, seriously? The best part of O’Soy Candle Co. is that it is a small, woman run business! And the candles are INCREDIBLE!

6. Primally Pure

If you've been around here for pretty much ONE second, you know the deep love we have for Primally Pure. It's non-toxic, affordable skin care that is truly the best on the market. Right now, non-toxic deodorant is allll the rage + PP has the BEST deodorant. It makes you smell good + lasts a long time! I honestly think that one of the reasons I keep going back and back to Primally Pure because of how long the product lasts and how high quality it is.

Some of my go-to's are: Deodorant, Cleansing Oil, Complexion Mist, Hand Sanitizer !!

7. Patagonia

Did you know Patagonia really cares about the environment? They donate 1% of their sales to the preservation of the earth! This is one of my favorite places to buy gifts for my dad or outdoorsy friends.

8. Everlane

We are biggg Everlane fans. Our wedding day jumpsuits are even Everlane! Sustainable, timeless pieces that won’t break the bank. Great basics for everybody.

9. Richer Poorer

Do you need some stocking stuffers? Check out Richer Poorer for high quality socks and underwear that will make the whole family smile!

10. Lacuasa

Lacausa is an incredible brand that donates a portion of each sale to a different cause! They are on the more expensive brand, but have affordable basic tops and beautiful dresses. One of my favorite clothing items I own is a canvas jumpsuit from them!

We sure do love these places + products but, know that while we are striving to mostly shop from sustainable places, we do our fair share of shopping at big name retailers. It's the effort that counts!

Happy holidays + Happy gifting!

All the best, Claire + Abbey

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