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The #1 Tip for beating the Instagram Algorithm

It's a new day and my coffee tastes extra good today. In the morning, I like a drip coffee either black or with some all natural (questionable though because it tastes too good) vanilla creamer. I sure hope that you are doing well, too. How do you like your coffee?

Oh, wait, did I get your attention with that title? You want to talk about all things 'gram? I am, I guesssss, surreeee, if we have too.

Just kidding - you're in luck because I do, too.

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Before we start I want to tell you some important things:

1. I am NOT a guru. I am not an expert. I have done my fair share of searching, learning and asking questions in this field so, I've learned a bit and wanted to share it with ya.

2. Why should you care about upping your instagram game? Well, if you're a small business in the wedding industry, you should know that:

88% of couples do their wedding planning on their phones

75% of couples follow their vendors on social media

Source, here.

So, there's that. Are you thinking you might want to up your instagram game?

There's a lot to be said and a lot will be said about this. For today, I wanted to leave you with the NUMBER ONE (#1!) Tip for beating the Instagram Algorithm.

The number 1 tip for beating the Instagram Algorithm - Use all the features, consistently.

I'm talking IGTV, IG Live, posting, stories, killer captions hashtags, geotagging, commenting, filters, etc.

All. Of. It.

The one thing that those require to be successful? SHOWING YOUR FACE.

People don't follow you just to see those beautiful flat lays or the perfect color palette. They follow you because of YOU! You, just by being you, bring value to the table.

Have you ever noticed that the posts that share about WHO YOU ARE have the most engagement and do the best? That's not a coincidence. That's because people like YOU!

McKenna Mansfield Photography

And when I say people, don't go disqualifying yourself because you, "only have 50 followers". The truth? Imagine filling a room with 50 people. Those FIFTY people. That's 2 high school classrooms put together. That's more than are typically in a coffee shop at a time. That's the bigger than most elopements groups. That's just about the size of a football team.

You're not feeling so lonely on the internet anymore are you?

Showing your face can be hard, I get it. I hear you. It's not easy to just show up. Consider these as options for showing up on your stories:

1. Tell your audience what you're up to

2. Share with them an exciting thing that is to come

3. Tell them some of your favorite things you're doing or making these days! (*cough, cough - daily cold brew anyone?)

4. Ask a question and get to know them better!

5. Set up a question box and answer those questions FAQ's.

McKenna Mansfield Photography

So, 3 EASY ways to actually make that happen without pulling out your hair?

1. Set a schedule in advance.

Everyday - Post on the 'gram with a captivating/ thought provoking caption, comment on posts, like posts, hashtag (ONLY things that are actually relevant to your photo), and post on stories.

Monday: Go live

Tuesday: Ask a question in a question box

Wednesday: Post an IGTV

Friday: Use a fun filter

2. Set a "theme for the week".

It helps so that all your content works together seamlessly. When the blog, the 'gram, the IGTV, IG Live are all on the same page but, at different angles, it helps your community have a better grasp on what you're providing them throughout the week.

Some examples?

1. Vendor highlights

2. The Top Most Forgotten Things at a Wedding

3. Social Media Hacks

4. Ways to Save on your Big day

P.S. Did you know that on average a person has to see something (an ad, for example) 7 times before they begin to actually register or remember it? Yup. So, go ahead and keep saying and sharing again and again.

3. The more time your spend on Instagram, the more it works for you.

The name of the game for the 'gram is to stay consistent. Show up on the REG. The more time you spend engaging (that's lingo for posting and commenting and liking on other people's things.) the better it will do for YOU!

I believe in you. You TOTALLY got this! Now, go up your Instagram game and show them what you're made of. (And don't forget to show your face!)

Lots of hugs, grit and grace - always,


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