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The 3 things that actually MATTER when hiring your Wedding Vendors

That ring is on your finger and it BLINGS so nicely, might I add.. You're like SO. DANG. READY. to start actually planning your wedding. The day itself sounds like pure bliss to be had but, the whole planning part to getting there? THAT sounds a little overwhelming.

Wait, HOW many people do I have to hire? Whaaaat is the typical cost of a wedding in the United States? I need to make HOW MANY decisions in the next 2 weeks? (On top of a life and a job, might I add.) Come again - how much do these vendors typically cost?


You've scoured TheKnot.com and WeddingWire.com only to be overwhelmed. (These websites totally work for some, and I hope that's YOU! But, I've seen in conversation with couples that isn't always or even usually the case.) There are only about 75,000 people to choose from - how are you supposed to know which one to inquire with and which ones to not?

I HEAR YOU! It's a lot to balance and decide. So, I wanted to give you the THREE things that actually matter when you're hiring your vendors!

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1. Connection

Wait, connection is at the top of this list? You bet it is.

These are people who are going to be spending the entire day with you on the one of the best days of your life! Their role is a privilege. (And if they don't see it that way, there is evidently a bigger problem!) They get a close up view of your wedding process and day. You'll see them from the moment the day starts until they send you off at the end. From putting the first brush of make-up on your face, securing your boutonnière, plating up your food and putting it on your table, cuing your mama and dad for their toasts, bustling your dress, packing your bag and putting it in your getaway car, and about a million other things in between etc. etc. You get the picutre, yes?

So, if you don't connect with them or like them beyond their skills... you see how this could be a problem.

For reference, here are the people that you will see and interact with the MOST:

1. Photographer

2. Videographer

3. Planner

Your other vendors will be part of your day, of course! but, those 3 right up there will be the ones you are right by you a large majority of the day. So, be sure you like them.

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2. Experience

You not only want to like them but, you want them to be good at their job! You're paying them for that after all, aren't you? Something to look at when considering someones experience might be:

1. Reviews

Something really, really important to remember is that reviews can be hard to get. You get it - it can be hard to remember to grab 4 apples for the pie you want to make this week let alone remember to respond to your vendors email asking for a review.

Pay attention to the quality of the reviews given, as opposed to the quantity.

2. The positive feedback they receive from others in the industry

- This might be counterintuitive or seem funky BUT, on the other side of this all, the people in the industry see the truth behind each other. So, you want to be sure that from all angles, your vendors are the stand up kind of people

3. The work you see.

Think: Instagram, blog posts, YouTube, Website. Do you actually like their work? Do you see photos or decor or style that YOU want for yourself?

Let it just be said: The number of followers on Instagram DOES NOT automatically equate high quality work.

There are vendors out there with a large amount of followers that are just incredible. I mean, worth every penny and MORE! But, there are also are some who have built a following and are not living up to what they profess. How do I know this? I get calls, emails, DM's regularly about it from couples who are contracted in with vendors who are not doing what they said they would do.

Need a list of people who we trust wholeheartedly and cannot recommend enough? I mean, we love them something fierce and they are always the best, ever. Be sure to check it out here! Scroll to the middle of the page and you'll see where it says, "Friends don't let friends hire anything but the best!" Which is true!

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3. Budget/ Affordability

Last but, definitely not least. If you've been around here for any length of time, I will be the first to advocate for NOT breaking the bank if we don't have to. Do I love nice things? Of course I do. Do I think you need to spend a fortune just to get nice things? Absolutely not.

So, when you're in conversation with a vendor make sure you love them, that they're credible in their work and that they don't tank your wedding budget.

Some vendors are worth pushing a bit what you've allotted for them but, not so much so that you'll have to compromise in other ways majorly.

There they are! Just for you, from my experience and what I have learned. If you need a list of vendors that we trust wholeheartedly and cannot recommend highly enough, be sure to check it out here! Scroll to the middle of the page and you'll see where it says, "Friends don't let friends hire anything but the best!" Which is true!

Lots of hugs, grit and grace - always


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