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The Best Wedding Day Outfit

When you are going to a wedding, dressing cute is a MUST. Guests and bridal party are all looking their sharpest for sure. But, what about the vendors? What do they wear?

I always think that a good outfit shows your professionalism and that you care. Two pretty important things on a wedding day. Claire and I have gone through a few rotations of wedding day fits and let me tell you, we have nailed it. We have the wedding planner outfit hack that you need too.

Step 1: Black Jumpsuit.

If you have been around for a minute, you know that we are obsessed with a black jumpsuit. It is practical, cozy, and super stylish. All the important things. Because let’s face it, you should look presentable at work, but you also need to be comfortable to do your job well. That’s why we have chosen the jumpsuit! We have tried dresses, but if you are climbing up and down ladders or constantly bending down to light candles, the jumpsuit is much more practical.

We love THIS one!

Step 2: Fanny Pack!

Every good wedding planner has an emergency kit. Why have a purse laying around somewhere at the venue with bags of tools and gadgets when you can have it attached to you at the hip! Literally! A fanny pack is cool and extremely useful on the job. Every wedding I use it and many times I will even help out a family member or guest with some magical tissues or gum stashed away waiting for them! If you want to know what we put into our fanny packs, we have a blog all about it!

We love THIS one + THIS one.

Step 3: Checkered Vans

I know that it may sound funky, but we rock slip on checkered vans at most weddings. Just like I mentioned earlier, they are so comfortable and practical. They truly are so cute with our jumpsuit and fanny pack too. One guest told Claire that it is easier to spot us with our vans because who else would wear these checkered shoes to a wedding? We love it! They are functional and helpful.

Find them HERE !

Step 4: Fun Earrings/Jewelry/Hat

We love to add something with a little pizzazz to our wedding day look. The black on black on black and white check can look quite professional, but when we want to add some personalization we do it with our jewelry. I wear big colorful earrings and some big sunglasses. Claire always has the cutest gold rings, each with a special meaning, along with gold necklaces or a hat. We both used to work at Anthropologie, so needless to say we never underestimate the power of a good accessory.

We love THESE!

Step 5: Jean Jacket

At every single wedding I have ever done, I have always needed a jacket. It gets cold at night, even in the peak of August heat. Bringing my trusty Levi’s denim jacket to each wedding is a staple that I cannot forget, or else I will actually freeze to death at night. And the icing on the cake is that it spices up my outfit that much more!

We love THIS one!

We sure do love our wedding day outfit + can't wait to see how you make it your own!

All the best,


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