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The First 3 Things to do When you get Engaged

O M Gosh - You’re ENGAGED! 

You’re engaged for real. The man that you started dating is now your FIANCE.  That proposal story that you’ve probably always dreamt of happening, HAS HAPPENED. EEEEEP! That bling bling BLIIIING is looking so good. I hope you’re doing as all engaged women should do - spend a majority of your day getting distracted by that bling.  It’s true, even if your boss says something about your productivity decreasing, all you have to do is hold up your left hand and you’re off the hook! 

*If you really like your job, maybe don’t try that. If you’re looking to leave your job, follow that advice ^.

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You’re probably being asked, “When’s the wedding?” 

And you’re like, wait, didn’t I just get engaged? How am I supposed to know when I’m getting married? First of all, you’re right. You’re fine. Take the time you need to process this all + then, follow these first 3 steps to get on the right track. 

These are just my opinions + what I have seen work for brides time and time again! If this doesn’t work for you, that’s okay, too. Take what you need, leave what doesn’t suit you! 

STEP ONE: CELEBRATE! Like there’s no tomorrow. Might I just remind you, YOU JUST GOT ENGAGED! For reals - have a party, drink the champagne or the apple cider, go have a nice dinner or brunch.

Celebrate and tell everyone who is asking you all the questions, “We are enjoying this time of soaking in and celebrating our engagement right now! We are going to begin wedding planning when we’re ready. We’ll share with you as we make decisions. 

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STEP TWO: IT’S VENUE TIME! Here’s the deal - you can’t book any of your vendors until you have your date. Some things to consider as you narrow down your venue hunt -

Do you want an outside or inside venue?

2. Do you want a venue that includes catering or rentals? Or, do you want it to be more of a barebones venue where you bring it all in yourself?

3.What is your budget that you’re wanting to spend? 

*PRO-TIP: In Southern California, you can find barebones venues from $2,000 - $10,000. 

PRO-TIP: If you have some vendors that you love and are STOKED about working with, ask for their availability in advance and see if you can make it work with them! 

A typical process with venues is as follows: 

  1. Initial Email 

  2. You’ll receive a pricing packages with all the details

  3. Determine if it’s a good fit for you!

  4. IF YES, observe what dates they have available + see if they work for you!

  5. Go visit + tour the place.

  6. Narrow down your options and decide what is best for you!

  7. Once you have your date, CELEBRATE! 

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Alright, you have your date! (WOO!) Let’s DO THIS! Now, it’s time to start booking your vendors! (AKA - that’s wedding lingo - for the people who will be there for you and make your day happen.) 

PRO-TIP: The vendors who are individuals should be at the top of your list for booking! That means your photographer, planner, DJ, florist because those people can’t duplicate themselves. 

You’ll need to prioritize which vendors you want most at your wedding + reach out to them first! Some of the vendors you’ll want to reach out to:

  1. Photographer

  2. Planner

  3. DJ

  4. Florist

  5. Videographer

  6. Calligrapher

  7. Bar/ Bartender

  8. Catering 

  9. Rentals

Emily Saenz Photography

And there you have it, the first 3 steps I would suggest taking as you start wedding planning! I sure hope that it brings you some guidance + hope in all this.

Lots of hugs, grit and grace to you - always..  


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