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The Things You Never Knew About Abbey

Hello my fellow wedding enthusiasts!

I am Abbey, aka Claire’s sidekick. Over the last few months, you've probably seen me around doing all the things. But, like, have we actually met? I want to be real friends so, I'll start!

The quick facts:

AGE: I am 21 years old from Southern California.

LOVES: I love the beach, spending time with my friends and family, and eating some delicious ice cream. Honestly, eating good food and drinking good coffee is a big part of being me and what me and my people do most.

OTHER LOVES: Another passion of mine is sustainable fashion, and doing kind things to the earth. Being so close to the ocean, trails, and mountains is a gift I do not take for granted! That being said, I like to try my best to treat the great outdoors with some love, like using my baggus everywhere I go. If we are friends, you

Photographer: McKenna Mansfield Photography

probably own a baggu. 

SCHOOL: I also am currently in school for meeting and event management. Basically, that is a fancy phrase for wedding and party planning. I am hopefully graduating this spring! I use all my tools I learn in school, and apply them to weddings with Grit and Grace! I have been in the wedding industry for almost 3 years and worked with all types of brides. (TIME FLIES!) Different styles, cultures, budgets, and dreams!

Photographer: McKenna Mansfield Photography

How did you start with Grit + Grace?

 Many, many people always ask me how Claire and I found each other and started to work together. We met working at Anthropologie (so fun, right?) and honestly didn’t work together that often. I had heard she was starting an event business and decided to tell her I wanted in and to let me help her. I remember going up to her one of the only shifts we ever had together and saying something like “Are you starting an event business and can I join in on the fun?” Lucky for me, she said yes! That was almost two years ago. Since then, I have grown immensely and had more fun experiences than I could have imagined! 

So, what do I even do?

I plan weddings, send out goodies to clients, help with social media content, and just about everything in between. I love to light candles, fold napkins, and I’ll probably chat with your weird uncle, too.

Why do you love wedding planning? My favorite part of wedding planning is bringing your dream to life with our help. It is so rewarding and fun to create something so special! On actual wedding day, I love the dancing. I know it is random, but there is something magical about watching the most important people from both the bride and groom’s whole life come together and get down to Usher’s “Yeah”. And if you are lucky enough, you will most definitely see Claire and I in the back bobbing our heads and throwing up a couple fist pumps/peace signs while moving some chairs around. 

P.S. This is Claire here but, this is my favorite most hilarious photo of Abbey, ever.

Photo: Dillon Phommasa

I absolutely love working with Grit and Grace and feel so blessed to have a place here. And the best part of it all are all of the truly wonderful people I get to call my friends now! I am sure lucky to work with the sweetest couples and vendors, or friendors:). It can be a high stress environment and surrounding myself with encouraging humans is super important. I truly am one lucky girl to be on team Grit and Grace!!!

All the best,


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