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The ULTIMATE Wedding Day Emergency (Fanny Pack!) Kit

We all know that life can get busy and unexpected things can happen. For example, 2020… BUT! We also know that we are all amazing at being flexible and rolling with the punches after seeing what we can accomplish this year. Regardless, sometimes the unexpected happens. If you are in events you know this happens literally every wedding/event.

A big help when it comes to preparing for the unknown at a wedding can be something as simple as a good ole emergency fanny pack!! Plus, if you are nervous about having to wear a fanny pack with some wedding tools in it there is no need to fear! They are super adorable and all the rage. You can catch Claire cruising around San Clemente in ~style~ with her cutie fanny pack at the ready.

So, what even is in an emergency fanny pack/kit?? There can be anything that you think you will need really. We try to shove in everything from gum to lighters in ours. The other thing you need to consider is what fanny pack is for you? I use a magical and spacious pack from Baggu. I love it for real. Claire uses a trendy yet practical pack from Lululemon. They both work amazing and have been there for us through it all.

Here’s the breakdown of what’s in these tiny but mighty fanny packs:

Front Pocket

Gum, mask, hand sanitizer, cough drops, keys, phone, chapstick

Sometimes it is neat and tidy and remains that way throughout the wedding day. Sometimes I come home to some crumpled napkins, business cards, and maybe even a cookie.

Main Pocket

Tissue pack, lighter, tape, more hand sanitizer, floss, spray deodorant, sharpie, sunscreen, pen, tide to go, advil, scissors, bobby pins, hair ties, rubber bands, and band aids

This is a lot of stuff. You might think that you do not need that much, but you would be shocked how often I use this great tiny stuff! Every single wedding I am using these items and every time I go to the store I am having to buy more items to add because I run out so quickly.

People are always so appreciative when they are searching and searching for a band aid I pull one out of my little fanny pack. Or maybe they are tearing up during toasts and I hand them a pack of tissues. A little gesture goes a long way and can make such a lasting impression on not only the couple you work with but the guests as well!

We think of most things, but if you think we've forgotten something, don't be afraid to let us know - always looking for new things to add to the fanny pack!

Lots of love, grit and grace always -


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