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What are they thankful for this year?

It’s that time of year - where we zone in a little bit more on the things we are grateful for. We are focused more on the good, the positive + the blooming around us. 

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Maybe it’s this year which has called most of us to start looking for the silver lining … no matter how slim. (Like, Amazon Prime in the middle of a Pandemic? Or, that extra stack of books that you’ve been meaning to read but, didn’t have time, but then … pandemic. Or, more time as a family, that would never have happened if the world wasn’t shut down.) 

I have sought to make gratefulness more of a habit.

What does it look like to find gratitude in every situation? Perhaps not gratitude for every situation but, gratitude in every situation. Because, the chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve got some resources that a whole lot of people don’t. (It’s not to make you feel less than or bad about what you’ve got but, what would it look like if we recognized + acknowledged what we have.) 

And gratitude doesn’t invalidate the hard or the challenge of a situation. Y’all, this pandemic sucks. It’s bankrupting industries, it’s fatally harming people, and our nation got more divided and divisive than we’ve seen in a long time, if ever before. It’s not necessarily the glory days right now. But, even in the midst of challenge, good is still. 

Good is in the warmth and first sip of a cup of coffee. 

Good is the sand between your toes. Good is seeing a friend and doing one of those deep signs. 

Good is having an unexpected 10 minutes between meetings.

Good is cracking open a new book.

Good is puppy snuggles.

Good is having just enough milk the container to have your morning cereal. 


This year, I get emotional when I think of all that I am grateful for. 

McKenna Mansfield Photography

I’m grateful for new matching jumpsuits, a sustained business, creative opportunities, moving to my favorite city, deep rooted + long lasting friendships, family that would choose all over again if I had gotten the choice, finding contentment + approval in a new way from Jesus and no one/ nothing else (I.E. FREEDOM!). … and about a million other things. 

I asked a few of my dear friends + people you might know about what they’re grateful for this year + this is what they had to say:

Griffin (DJ Griff) --

  1. Sweet Molly Mae, his new puppy. 

  2. Love, Patience + Resilience. It’s hard to be patient. 2020, that's a hallmark year. Especially when you’re SO yearning to get married and tie the knot. and whatever it may be, buying a car. getting that new job. applying for that new school.

  3. God. For undeniably guiding us through this. A once in 100 year occurrence, we’re special to have seen it and lived through it for sure. 

McKenna (of McKenna Mansfield Photography) -

  1. My morning bev — usually a homemade iced vanilla chai

  2. Morning walks to the beach with my sweet husband and our pup

  3. Golden hour. forever

Abbey --

  1. Thankful for HEALTH.

  2. A job where I get to be creative.

  3. A job where I can meet new people + make new friends.

Erice (of EverBloom Floral Design)

  1. Sweet little Saint + his newly surfaced baby smile. (Erice just had a baby boy and you guuyyyys have to go see his cutie face!)

  2. The city of Dana Point, with it's great beach views.

  3. All the help + generosity poured over her family as they became parents.

We are so thankful. For so much this year - it's been more abundant and rich than we even dreamt.

With love, grit + grace, always -

Claire + Abbey

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