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Out with the old , stuffy and traditions to do “just because we have to” and IN with all the things that scream, “THIS IS SO YOU!”  We’re enthralled with the little details and design that tell the narrative of your story, the selection of vendors that share your vision, and the harmonious planning of your day.


The Grit and Grace team are experts on captivating your vision and coming alongside you to bring it to life!


You want more time for photos during cocktail hour? We’re on it. You need insight on where to start when it comes to finding the best vendors, who match your budget and style? We’ll send it right over! You want to incorporate disco balls in your table top decor? Yes and AMEN.

hey i'm claire!

I plan weddings for ONE reason. I believe that you deserve to be celebrated big, bold and preferably with a bumpin' dance floor! I stop on the street all too often when the design of a product or architecture of a building catches my eye because I believe thoughtful design can transform a space + atmosphere. Details are my middle name (Well, not really, but you know) and I am fascinated with finding a way for your wedding to be nostalgic, warm, intentional to who YOU are, dynamic + full of joy. 


By the time it’s wedding day, you best bet I will be showing up as your friend and cheerleader, not just another vendor. 




Oat milk cappuccinos are the name of the game 

Once replanned a wedding, top to bottom, in 17 days and didn't hate it. (Hi, yes,COVID.)

Will always dance if Whitney Houston is played

Sleeping at Last songs are ALWAYS a good idea for a first dance song. 

Enneagram type 1, AKA - always asking, “How can we make this better?” 

Really likely to be trying to find a non-toxic, sustainable alternative. 

If lost, probably at the beach or taking IG stories of my dog. 




Anthropologie expert


If lost, would probably be found walking down in San Clemente with her dogs. 


Will always say YES to a mocha 


Literally went to wedding planner school 


If she could only pick one outfit for the rest of her life, it would be anything Outdoor Voices


kind words

Claire and her team are magic! From the moment she stepped in to help she worked tirelessly and strategically to make things happen. She was warm and kind and it felt like I was working with a friend - but the kind of friend who gets things DONE!


 She was great at looping me in where I needed to be, but handling things without burdening me with further 'to-do's,' too. I was totally relaxed when the wedding day rolled around because I knew that in Claire & her team's hands, everything would be handled. 


I'd recommend this fab team a thousand times over - they're the real deal!


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